Angelic Upstarts Fabulous poster in fair condition

30 x 40 approx. price 95.00 plus shipping .

A band still great today!

Damned & Dead Boys Professionally framed 32 x 42 approx. In my opinion one of the most iconic punk posters ever. Price 900.00 this item is impossible to ship. We can deliver in the UK, please ask for prices. It can also be picked up.

Damned & Adverts. Along with damned , dead boys poster one of the most iconic punk posters ever! A lot of bollocks talked about this poster from people who should know better. Two original  versions exist both from 77. I have had both , and it was my first ever gig I was 14. I remember them being sold and being sold at other Lancaster Uni gigs. Size 30 x 20 superb condition 450.00 plus postage.

Jam / New Hearts. 30 x 20 superb condition , poster was hated by Jam management for being "too punk" support from " we hate the punk elite" secret affair , sorry new hearts. A great gig, in a surprisingly sparse crowd. When they came back it was sold out I couldn't get in. To be fair Weller and his old man got us in . Another great gig with the Vapors supporting. Price 400.00

B.A.D  28 x 35 promo poster. Excellent condition . 30.00 plus postage. What a band ! " go ahead London"

John Cale. 11 x 15 in poor nick. Will frame nicely 30.00 plus postage , probably a rare poster cheap as chips.

Ramones & The Boys. What a poster! Superbly framed size 31 x 41 . 650.00 will need to be picked up or delivered , please ask for quote. I went to two of these gigs Manchester and Lancaster. Didn't understand the true genius of the Ramones till much later. After the Lancaster gig we queued to get back stage . They just went straight past us on to the bus, could not give a toss. Great gigs though. 

Sex Pistols. Finsbury Park. What a day! The Pistols were amazing that day. 40 x 60 . Will be tough to post . Near mint condition . 150.00

Sex Pistols Paris. Before UK was announced 7 of us from Blackpool decided to go. Rough seas meant we were delayed . Two BMW's driving at 100mph plus to get there. Dumped cars on pavement . Ran in missed 15 mins . What a trip rip Johnny Ribs. 40 x 58 tough to post. Mint 150.00

Vibrators Automatic Lover.
Another classic! From the personal collection of Eddie. Mint condition 20 x 14.  275 plus postage.
Fantastic band still touring today respect!                                                                                                                                                            

Vibrators & Smut Peddlers. 36 x 13 possibly the only one? Two great bands at one of the greatest punk shops in the world ! Still going strong . A must visit in LA. 35.00 plus postage.

Rancid & NOFX. Hand screened ,  signed by rancid . What a gig ! Was privileged to be there. Bar was empty! Ding dong! 11 x 17  75.00 plus post

Pure Mania print of a painting by Knox . Signed , numbered by the great man! 12 x 16 . 20.00 plus postage.                                                                                                                                                                 

Thee ( the)  Spivs fabulous screen printed poster. From one of best venues in Netherlands. Signed , numbered . 18 x 26  20.00 plus postage.

Buzzcocks in LA. Hand screened signed by artist. 18 x 24 in classic Buzzcocks colours. Superb 25.00 plus post                                                                                    

Buzzcocks Brixton. You will need a big wall for this 40 x 58. A stunning poster. Controversial gigs never to be repeated sadly. 25.00 plus postage.

Joe Strummer print of a painting by Knox of vibrators fame. Signed and great number! 78! 17x12 35.00                                                                                                                                                               

The Clash. 33x21 fantastic poster for a reasonable price. 90.00 plus postage.

999. Fabulous poster of a bonkers night! Sadly cannot be written on here. Hand screened signed by artist. Beautiful paper. 15x13 . Go to Bologna the red city! 20.00 plus postage.

One I went only because my younger brother paid! I wasn't keen. I'm so glad he insisted. Orange Juice were the support. Gig was amazing. Undertones still fantastic today . 20 x 30 . 350 plus postage. Classic! 

TV Smith & The Valentines play The Adverts. Fabulous poster. Hand screened signed by Gaye and TV . Poster is mounted on card so pick up only really. 20 x 30 nice!  80.00

John Cooper Clarke. I was there! Well actually I wasn't and I am not sure why I wasn't! 
Stunning 20 x 30 mounted on board. So pricey to post. Delivery or pick up. 600.00

Great poster from a gig that did not happen. Rumour was Rezillos split up that day. All I know was when i got to the hall it was closed. Fantastic poster. 20x30.  400 plus postage. 

The Adverts Unspeakably rare! Test poster from gig. Posters used were finished off in pink.
Dick Envy supported 20 x 30 superb nick
500.00 plus postage.

Nick Lowe. The Jesus of cool. Magnificent poster. Superbly framed big! 57 x 20 200.00 Shipping impossible. We can deliver at extra cost. Or can be picked up.

A true one off . Punk rock history. One side chelsea , nice enough. But on the back a note written and put up at the gig by Jimmy Pursey himself! Ripped down by a girl at the gig who has had it since!  400.00 plus postage.

Amazing three nights , Sparrer , Rancid band and crew , first class! Hand screened and numbered. Great! Size is 27 x 19.  20.00 plus post.

The Stukas. Brilliant tune , fantastic poster professionally framed. 25 x 35 225.00  Pick up or can be delivered at extra cost.

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